A downloadable game

Twitter is basically hell

Twitter was, is and never will be safe...Some of its problematic users are under constant attack and no moderator are nowhere to be found.  It's up to you to manage your VIP's account. Be prepared to read a tone of tweets and judge them in no time to preserve your poor VIP's mental state. Don't let them down !  

Manage the VIPs 

You have a total of 3 VIPs to protect from dangererous tweets, don't let them go through mental breakdown. Block bad tweet tweets and ban toxic users, but don't forget to let some get through to control their mood. And also be careful or their popularity ! Your VIPs won't go far if you block every user. 

  • Like tweets to get more impact on the VIP's mood 
  • Reweet them to get a load of the same tweets 
  • Delete some tweet to not let them reach your VIPs
  • Block the account of the most toxic users


This version of the game has been created during the IIM's annual Game Jam "God Father/Mother Jam 2020" around the theme "Heroes of another kind" ;


Just a mouse is necessary

Team : 

Game Developer - LAVARDE Camille

Game Developer - TAKAGI Thomas

Game Developer - GOMBAULD Loïck

Game Designer - PAVARINO Séléna

Game Designer - DULIEU Pierre-Louis

Game Designer - BECKER Tom

Game Designer - MONNERIE Thomas

Game Designer - MEDWID Loïc

Game Art - THERET Quentin

Project Manager - THUILLIER Alan


V1.1.1.rar 22 MB
V1.2.zip 47 MB